MIC-Europe is altijd op zoek naar nieuwe methoden om corrosie processen te bestrijden, met als resultaat onze laatste vinding 

New nozzle protects deluge systems from corrosion while annual live testing can be executed. Dutch patent application pending nr. 2022748; "zelfsluitende nozzle".

MIC Europe BV is pleased to introduce and publish a New Normally Closed Medium Velocity nozzle for open/deluge systems under sea- brackish- surface water conditions, described as:

Fire safety sprinkler head, fire prevention and/or extinguishing installation and method for protecting a fire prevention and/or extinguishing installation against corrosion



Short description

The new nozzle is in normally closed position.

It will allow to fill the system in static position with inert gas at low overpressure.The inert gas will prevent the inside pipe work from corrosion.

Inert gas would preferably be Nitrogen (N2) with a purity of at least 98%. A full range of special N2 generators for dry sprinkler systems can be delivered.

When testing or when activated, the water pump pressure opens up the nozzle and the nozzle acts like an standard open nozzle.

Flush the system with fresh water after annual live testing or activation.

Then the nozzle automatically closes and the pipework can be filled again with inert protective gas.


- New systems perfect corrosion control sustainability, long life and reliable function. Using standard carbon steel pipework either galvanized or coated on the outside.

- Existing systems after and as part of a complete refurbishing program, extending the life time saving complete replacement cost.


Nozzle method in action
The film shows the working principle of the nozzle made from basic materials. Pump pressure 6 Bar approx. 100 l/min (87 psi 26,5 gallons/min). All rights reserved MIC Europe BV- Enschede March 16th 2019.

- Long lasting and reliable deluge systems
- Perfect corrosion prevention for the inside conduit
- No clogged nozzle
- No increased flow restriction because of corrosion deposits/debris on the inside pipework
- No filters necessary in front of the nozzles
- No perforations/leakages from the inside of the pipework


All rights reserved MIC-Europe B.V. Enschede March 16th 2019.