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What is PSA technology?

PSA technology is used in many of our N2 Series Nitrogen Generators.

PSA Generators use a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) material in a vessel pressurized with air. The O2, CO2, CO and other molecules from the air are collected in the CMS while the N2 molecules are extracted in a nitrogen vessel. The O2, CO2, CO and other molecules are flushed out of the CMS by pressurizing the screen bed and the vessel is ready for the introduction of new air.

PSA technology is used in many of our N2 Series Nitrogen Generators. We also design Nitrogen Generators that use Membrane Technology for more compact N2 generating systems.

Wilt u meer weten over PSA technologie?

MIC Guard

For wet sprinkler systems

MIC Guard is an additive used to prevent and treat corrosion in wet sprinkler systems.
The solution is simple. The additive is added to the water.

Cathodic protection

Corrosion in tanks and water cellars.

For tanks and water cellars we offer the solution in the form of cathodic protection. Because in tanks and water cellars the amount of stagnant water is large . . .

Fluid Energy products

Cleaning and Preserving Systems.

Once corrosion is detected in the system or there are blockages, Fluid Energy products can be used to clean and conserve the system . . .

Innovative sprinkler head

Prevents corrosion in open piping

The NC Nozzle, an innovative self-closing Nozzle, has been developed by MIC Europe to serve systems with open piping, such as those used in heavy industry. . .

N2 Blast Nitrogen Generator

For dry sprinkler systems.

Dry sprinkler systems are not dry. This sounds contradictory, but it is not. Upon delivery and also afterward, systems are tested regularly. .