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Stop corrosion in your sprinkler system

We provide sustainable solutions to prevent, control and treat corrosion.
Leakage logistics center 2-1/2" pipe ESFR system
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Prevent leakage, damage and high costs
with sprinkler systems

MIC Europe provides products and services to detect, prevent and treat corrosion. These products are proven effective, durable and meet the requirements and conditions for safe use in sprinkler systems.

An overview of our products


For wet sprinkler systems

PipeShield is an additive used to prevent and treat corrosion in wet sprinkler systems. The solution is ...

N2 Blast nitrogen generator

For dry sprinkler systems.

Dry sprinkler systems are not dry. This sounds contradictory, but it is not. Upon completion and also afterwards, the systems are regularly ....

Cathodic protection

Corrosion in tanks and water cellars.

For tanks and water cellars, we offer the solution in the form of cathodic protection. Because in tanks and water cellars, the amount of ... .

HCR 3000

Clean and conserve systems.

Once corrosion is detected in the system or there are blockages, the HCR 3000 can be used to clean and conserve the system .....

Innovative sprinkler head

Prevent corrosion in open piping

The NC nozzle, an innovative self-closing nozzle, has been developed by MIC Europe to serve open piping systems, such as...

Corrosion in sprinkler systems is a silent killer.

You don’t notice it, you don’t see it and on simple checks it’s not visible. Until leakage occurs and then suddenly it’s there. Corrosion! You then run the risk of ending up in a cycle of leak – repair – leak – repair etc. The damage, costs and annoyance mount up. It’s all part of the game? Nothing could be further from the truth.  It can be prevented and stopped.

MIC Europe detects, prevents and treats corrosion in sprinkler systems and in water tanks and basements. Our markets are health care and hospitals, parking garages, offices, hotels, culture, industry, distribution centers, education, shopping malls, housing and infrastructure. The installer is our partner.

An overview of our services

For detecting, treating and preventing corrosion in sprinkler systems, we offer several services.

We carry out camera inspections and water analyses (BART tests) and train installers. We are also available for maintenance and service of our products.

Water Analysis

The BART test gives you certainty

The BART test is a simple test that can save you many problems and costs. If you are installing a sprinkler system in the near future, perform this test.

Camera inspection

Corrosion check of the internal system

A periodic camera inspection of your sprinkler system has recently become mandatory. MIC Europe has the right cameras to perform this inspection and check.

Training of installers

We train installers

To properly service our products, we train installers. The installer spends one or more days with us and we explain what needs to be done

Prevent corrosion in sprinkler systems

MIC Europe has focused on the detection, prevention and treatment of micro-corrosion since 2006. This type of corrosion is very common in sprinkler systems. Especially due to stagnant water, moisture and heat in the systems. Although it occurs frequently, it is still an unknown phenomenon in
installers and end users of both dry and wet sprinkler systems. MIC Europe shares knowledge on mic corrosion and works with installers and end users to prevent corrosion and therefore leaks and blockages in sprinkler systems.
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NC nozzle or self-closing nozzle already linked from the nozzle

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Sprinkler control at camera inspection ESFR system

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Cleaning of a dry plant in progress

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Dry the nozzles after cleaning