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Certified sprinkler installer

The licensed sprinkler installer has the knowledge and experience

Springler systems must meet many requirements, standards and regulations, and the installation must be done properly and professionally. A (licensed) sprinkler installer can take care of this for you. Our products are part of the entire sprinkler system. The sprinkler installer performs maintenance on both the sprinkler system and our systems. We train sprinkler installers to properly maintain our products. In addition, (licensed) sprinkler installers are our partners when it comes to detecting, preventing and treating corrosion in sprinkler systems. 

Springler installer maintenance system

It may happen (for sprinkler systems older than 10 years, this is very common) that during an inspection or test, the sprinkler installer finds that a sprinkler is clogged with corrosion or that there is corrosion in the piping. In that case, it is recommended that action be taken to treat the corrosion and stop the corrosion process. For both dry and wet sprinkler systems MIC Europe offers products and services that stop the corrosion process. Sprinkler installers can contact contact us for more information for more information

MIC Europe trains sprinkler installers

Control and inspection of the installation for corrosion is important. directs the sprinkler installer to perform control and inspection that focus on microcorrosion. we also make our equipment available to the sprinkler installer to perform inspections.

Accredited sprinkler installer

Accredited sprinkler installers can be found throughout the Netherlands.

Wilt u in contact komen met een erkende sprinkler installateur?

Preventing and combating corrosion in dry sprinkler system

Our N2 Blast nitrogen generators are extremely efficient at preventing and controlling corrosion in dry sprinkler systems. Forcing nitrogen into the system removes almost all oxygen from the pipes, preventing corrosion. HCR 3000 products can also be used in dry sprinkler systems to clean and preserve the system. These products can also be used in dry sprinkler systems to clean and preserve the system.