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Innovative sprinkler head

NC Nozzle prevents corrosion in open pipes

The NC Nozzle, an innovative self-closing sprinkler head has been developed by MIC Europe for the benefit of systems with open pipes, such as those used in heavy industry. For example, in the petrochemical industry, on oil platforms and in sea-going vessels open pipes are used. Open pipes are vulnerable to corrosion. The Nozzle can be used in new and existing systems and extends the life and reliability of the system. By using the Nozzle, nitrogen can be forced into the system, preventing corrosion from having a chance

When using the Nozzle in new systems, standard carbon steel tubes can be used, galvanized or coated on the outside. In existing systems, the Nozzle is used after and as part of a complete refurbishment program, extending its life and saving full replacement costs.

Advantages Nozzle

  • Long-lasting and reliable flood systems
  • Perfect corrosion prevention for the inner pipe
  • No clogged outflow
  • No increased flow restriction due to corrosion deposits or dirt on the inside of the pipes
  • No filters required for the nozzles
  • No perforations/leaks on the inside of the piping

You want to prevent corrosion and stop clogs and leaks?

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Innovative sprinkler head

Prevent corrosion in open piping

The NC nozzle, an innovative self-closing nozzle, has been developed by MIC Europe to serve open piping systems, such as...