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About us

Jos Braes

MIC Europe, expert in corrosion in sprinkler systems

MIC Europe has focused on the detection, prevention and treatment of corrosion and micro corrosion since 2008.  Corrosion is very common in sprinkler systems. Especially due to stagnant water, moisture and heat in the systems. Mic corrosion is still an unknown phenomenon with installers and end users of both dry and wet sprinkler systems. This while it causes many problems and costs in buildings where sprinkler systems are located.

MIC Europe shares knowledge about micro-corrosion and works together with installers and end-users to prevent corrosion and therefore leaks and blockages in sprinkler systems.

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Expert in sprinkler installations since 1987

Jos Braes, owner of MIC Europe, worked for a distribution company for sprinkler materials. Two years later, in 1989, this company was taken over by an American manufacturer of sprinkler materials. They were looking for a representative office for their products in Europe. After a few years, Jos wanted to grow further and saw an opportunity to start selling pipes as well as sprinkler materials. This could not be done under the flag of the American company.