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Prevent leakage, damage and high costs

MIC Europe provides products and services to detect, prevent and treat corrosion. Our products PipeShield, HCR 3000, nitrogen-generators, cathodic-protection and our innovative-sprinklerheads are proven effective and meet the requirements and conditions to be used safely in sprinkler systems. Our products ensure that the life of your sprinkler system is as long as that of the building and prevent damage, leakage and therefore high costs. The total costs of ownership are predictable and manageable. The cost of our products is 1-2% of the entire sprinkler system. This is often more than the cost of repairing one leak .

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An overview of our products


For wet sprinkler systems

PipeShield is an additive used to prevent and treat corrosion in wet sprinkler systems. The solution is ...

N2 Blast nitrogen generator

For dry sprinkler systems.

Dry sprinkler systems are not dry. This sounds contradictory, but it is not. Upon completion and also afterwards, the systems are regularly ....

Cathodic protection

Corrosion in tanks and water cellars.

For tanks and water cellars, we offer the solution in the form of cathodic protection. Because in tanks and water cellars, the amount of ... .

HCR 3000

Clean and conserve systems.

Once corrosion is detected in the system or there are blockages, the HCR 3000 can be used to clean and conserve the system .....

Innovative sprinkler head

Prevent corrosion in open piping

The NC nozzle, an innovative self-closing nozzle, has been developed by MIC Europe to serve open piping systems, such as...