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Service and maintenance

Maintenance and service of sprinkler systems guarantees proper functioning as an extinguishing system

Sprinkler systems must be properly maintained to ensure the system’s function as an extinguishing system in the event of a fire. For maintenance of sprinkler installations and water tanks, new standards have been established since 2019. Maintenance and inspection of sprinkler installations is carried out by certified installers and companies. Our products and services ensure that the life of your sprinkler system is extended by decades. If you have leaks or blockages then mic corrosion could be the problem. With a simple test we will give you assurance and can stop, treat and further prevent the leaks.

Maintenance sprinkler systems by installer

For maintenance of our products we work together with sprinkler installers. They do maintenance to your sprinkler installation and also do the maintenance of our products. This takes place once a year and is integrated into the maintenance contract of your sprinkler system. The (certified) installer performs a general check. For the nitrogen generator this includes replacing filters and checking the nitrogen percentage. If you use PipeShield we will check the system for, among other things, the presence of the amount of active liquid in the system. We train installers to carry out these checks and maintenance.

Maintenance of sprinkler systems established

A building owner is responsible for safety. He must also ensure fire safety. He may delegate this to a tenant. This also applies to the maintenance of sprinkler systems. As of August 2019, new Dutch maintenance standards apply. These new standards were necessary because the old NEN-EN 12845 fell short. Installers and building owners are required to perform maintenance on sprinkler systems according to the new Technical Bulletin 80 (TB80) standard.

No legislation, but requirements and standards sprinkler systems.

There is no legislation that requires a sprinkler system to be installed in certain buildings. Insurance companies and the competent authority do require a sprinkler system to be installed in certain buildings. This is to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible and to prevent as much damage as possible. This also applies to adjacent buildings. In addition, employers are required to ensure the safety of their employees. They must do everything possible to prevent fire and to ensure that damage to the building and to people is limited.