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Corrosion in sprinkler systems

Corrosion in sprinkler systems causes many problems

For both dry and wet sprinkler installations, we offer solutions for the detection, prevention and treatment of corrosion. Corrosion in sprinkler systems occurs more often than you think. In the initial stage it does not cause any problems, but eventually it results in leaks, blockages and damage to the building and possibly to equipment or fixtures in the building. In addition, the operation of your sprinkler system is compromised. If you have leaks in your sprinkler system, click here and contact us. 

Prevent and combat corrosion in wet sprinkler systems

By simply adding our additive PipeShield to the water, you give corrosion no chance. MIC Guard not only has a preventive effect, but also combats corrosion if it is already present in your system. Products from HCR 3000 are proven effective for cleaning and preserving your wet system. For every sprinkler installation we recommend to carry out a BART test. An advice that is also shared by NFPI.

Prevent and combat corrosion in dry sprinkler systems

For corrosion prevention and control in dry sprinkler systems, our N2 Blast nitrogen generators are very efficient. By injecting nitrogen into the system, virtually all oxygen is removed from the pipes, preventing corrosion. HCR 3000 products can also be used in dry sprinkler systems to clean and conserve the system.

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Certified sprinkler installer

Recognised sprinkler installers can be found throughout the Netherlands. These installers are experienced in the installation, maintenance and inspection of sprinkler installations. We work together with these installers to detect, treat and prevent corrosion in sprinklers.