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Water analysis, camera inspection and training sprinkler installer

We perform camera inspections to analyze if there is corrosion in the piping of sprinkler systems. With the BART test, we examine whether microbes that cause microcorrosion are present in the system or in the tap water. If so, you can take steps to stop the corrosion process. We are happy to advise you on this. In addition we train installers to perform camera inspections, BART testing and maintenance and service on our products themselves.

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An overview of our services

Water Analysis

The BART test gives you certainty

The BART test is a simple test that can save you many problems and costs. If you are installing a sprinkler system in the near future, perform this test. .

Camera inspection

Corrosion control of the system

A periodic camera inspection of your sprinkler system has recently become mandatory. MIC Europe has the right cameras to perform this inspection and . .

Training of installers

We train installers

To properly service our products, we train installers. The installer spends one or more days with us and we explain what is needed..